Monday, January 28, 2008

Leadership Found in Government Policy

There is much concern about the economy today. The stock market is taking a hit most days and people are worried about a recession happening world wide. China’s and Japan’s stock also worsen when news of America’s markets reach other areas of the world. American leaders have been waiting for the market to correct itself but that does not seem to be happening any time soon. As a way to help; the government has lowered the prime interest rate. In the past this would ease worries and the stock market would improve. In this climate, the stock market is not responding as expected from the change in rates.

The leaders in Washington are not waiting; they are taking action. Congress has approved a stimulus package to help improve the economy. In general, the package will provide $600 per person and $1,200 for couples filing join. The idea is people will take the money and pour it back into the economy. The Senate still needs to approve of the measure.

It is good to see our governmental leaders taking action as appose to watching and waiting for improvement over time.

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