Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today is the culmination of a very long journey. Dr. Jurasek, the president of Medaille College, will present tonight: Change at the grass-root level. This talk will be approximately 30 minutes in length. Our study group, The Marauders, was very fortunate to schedule Dr. Jurasek for our Symposium this evening. There a high level of excitement in the air.

After this talk, our study group will have a break out section. We will discuss concepts related to change management. There will be activities engaging the cohort as well. I will be presenting the history of the Floppy drive. The presentation will have examples of all the different size floppies of the years. This is a fun way to see change and go down memory lane. I will provide another entry after the evening.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Final Course

Today our cohort is starting the final course for the MOL program. In seven weeks we will have completed a long journey. The Masters program has been well worth the effort. There are several more things to complete but there is a finite time before we graduate. I would say that the cohort was a great group of people and they made the trip an enjoyable one. My study group was the best experience. All of the team members were great contributors and as a group we produced some fine work. I look forward to some free time but for now we still have our heads down.

Project Management

As a side course I am taking Project Management at RIT. The course is held at my work campus on Monday evenings. This past Monday our team presented our final project. the presentation went well and was well received by the class. There is a Project Management Professional exam in order to receive PMP certificate. There is a group of students that want to meet for 11 weeks or so to study for the exam. I will be joining the group. It is better to take the exam whiloethe information is fresh in my mind.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hands Free Fries

There are way too many distractions while we drive. People talking on the phone can be a big problem. Also, we eat on the go way too much. This causes us to have our hands preoccupied and not fully in control of the steering wheel. The leaders at the fast food chain Burger King have a solution. They have designed a French fry container to fit in your cup holder. No more placing the large fry on your lap while driving. This new idea is called the “FryPOD”. This is a take off of the iPOD.

I am glad people are thinking of our safety even when we are not as diligent.