Friday, February 1, 2008

Hands Free Fries

There are way too many distractions while we drive. People talking on the phone can be a big problem. Also, we eat on the go way too much. This causes us to have our hands preoccupied and not fully in control of the steering wheel. The leaders at the fast food chain Burger King have a solution. They have designed a French fry container to fit in your cup holder. No more placing the large fry on your lap while driving. This new idea is called the “FryPOD”. This is a take off of the iPOD.

I am glad people are thinking of our safety even when we are not as diligent.

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Jeffrey said...

This is great! I like the picture of your wife and also the Good to Great pic.
I hope that you enjoyed this class. You did very well.
You will receive all you work back this week.
Best of luck!