Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nice to Meet You!

Networking is an important leadership component in one’s carrier. This was done by socializing prior to events as in cocktail hours. People would mingle about and by happenstance meet different people in different circles. This type of event would happen infrequently throughout the year. Then people started to come up with events designed to allow people to network. This approach is still limited to your geographic location. is a web site that coordinates contacts between colleagues. People can grow their contact list by extending their circle of contact beyond their first level of people. These people can share their contacts and the circle grows ever wider.

Positions can be filled using this tool. There is a search capability to look for job postings. The web site also has communication methods to pursue any potential jobs.

The web site facilitates people offering mentoring services to other members in the database. People can look up specific disciplines and see if the contact is interested in this kind of relationship. makes your name visible to the business community at a world level. With tools such as these, the world is getting flatter and flatter.

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Jeffrey said...

I like what you wrote about Linkedin. Hopefully you will get some use out of it in your line of work. This blog looks great and I can tell that you have been working with it. You might want to look at some of the great additions you can make using simple cut and paste html.
Keep plugging away. Best of luck in the month or so left in the program.